January 30, 2023

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This Steam Deck Transparent Backplate Has Game Boy Vibes

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If you’re inclined to tinker with your Steam Deck, there are some spectacular components mods accessible. A single of them is a sweet new clear backplate, created by JSAUX.

JSAUX is a company that has formulated a reputation for its Steam Deck accessories, and now, the business is providing an unofficial substitution backplate for the Steam Deck. Its frosted semi-clear style and design allows you see the insides of your Steam Deck in complete, and it also evokes a comparable look and experience as the frosted obvious shells for the Game Boy Coloration and the Sport Boy Advance. It helps make for a nice nostalgia journey, which also transpires to work pretty very well given that the Steam Deck is, right after all, a handheld console.


This backplate will also give you almost everything you will need to set up it, which include screws, a screwdriver, an opener, and even a established of again buttons. As you may imagine, the Steam Deck’s rear backplate is not very easily swappable, but if you’re ready to set a tiny elbow grease on it, it’ll come proper off, and you’ll be ready to put in the new a person conveniently. This is technically a mod, however, while an uncomplicated 1, and if you really don’t feel comfortable disassembling your console, you ought to in all probability not do it or talk to another person much more knowledgeable to assist you out.

If you want to go by way of with this and make your Steam Deck clear, make guaranteed you get a single now. It is just $30, following all.

Supply: The Verge

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