September 26, 2022

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The importance of Google contacts backup for user productivity

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The importance of Google contacts backup for user productivity

What are the benefits of backing up Google Contacts?

Regularly copying Google Contacts information to a secondary cloud location is known as Google Contacts backup. It also makes it possible to restore contacts quickly. By backing up, you avoid data loss caused by human error, accidental deletion, ransomware attacks, and Google outages.

Easily backup your Google Contacts

Google Workspace, for example, is a cloud-based application that is widely used by businesses today. Still, there is a misconception among the market that SaaS applications do away with traditional data backup practices.

Google has measures in place to ensure that its users’ contact information will not be lost. If an end user loses contact information, however, the does not guarantee that it can be restored. Backup for Google Contacts is often part of a larger SaaS backup solution and prevents data loss.

  • Stop user error or accidental deletion of contacts
  • Ransomware attacks or malware
  • The malicious behaviour of end users
  • Overwriting of data by accident
  • Cancelled subscriptions to accounts

Third-party backup is actually recommended by SaaS providers to defend against these threats. Data protection is generally referred to as “shared responsibility”. Organisations are best protected from data loss by using independent backup solutions.

Following a data loss event, Google Contacts is the best way to ensure end user productivity. In order to minimize the impact of downtime, it’s essential to provide a solution that recovers contacts quickly.

What role does Datto play in backing up Google Contacts?

In some organizations, Google Workspace backup is managed in-house, whereas in others, managed service providers handle the task. A backup solution designed specifically for MSPs is Dato SaaS Protection for Google Workspace.

Which benefits come with Datto SaaS Contact Backup?

All client data in Google Workspace, including Google Contacts, needs to be protected with complete trust by managed service providers. This should reduce risk and manage backups more efficiently.

Google Workspace is protected by Datto SaaS Protection:

  • Backups are automatically and continuously performed. Google backs up three times a day.
  • Onboarding clients is streamlined. With a simple click-through onboarding process, setup is fast and easy.
  • Restoring and exporting point-in-time data. Easily restore or export data from a specific point before a data loss event occurred.
  • Restores that do not cause any damage. Identification and recovery of individual objects and entire accounts with related records and folder structure intact.
  • Retention that is flexible. Keeping inactive Google user data protected for as long as you need helps you save time and money.

With Dato SaaS Protection, MSPs are able to deliver Google Workspace backup in an efficient and profitable manner.

MSPs benefit from Datto by getting:

  • Easy-to-use management portal. Easily view the number of licenses being used, profit margins, and clients’ backups.
  • Monitoring of the backup. The ability to retrieve events such as backup, export, or restore on-demand.
  • Maintain an audit log of all administrator and user actions in the admin dashboard.
  • Profits that can be predicted. Including G Suite data protection in bundled solutions can help you build margin.
  • Pricing is based on licences. Ensure that licences are deployed across end clients, and redeploy them as needed.

What is the best way to backup Google Contacts?

Dato SaaS Protection allows Managed service providers to quickly restore lost Google Contacts for clients. A point-in-time restore, granular restore, and nondestructive restore are all possible. Using it, MSPs can efficiently provide Google Workspace backup to their customers and increase their profits. Find out how Google Workspace backup can benefit your managed services business by scheduling a demo today. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.