September 23, 2021

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Nightwing’s Upgraded Weapons Are Secretly A single of DC’s Finest Devices

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Nightwing’s escrima sticks are secretly 1 of DC’s greatest gadgets, as the hero’s new innovative team reveal their interesting concealed functions.

Nightwing is one of DC’s oldest and most beloved heroes, but the newest chapter in Dick Grayson’s ongoing series has proven he has one particular of the greatest gadgets and weapons in all of comics. After transforming from Robin into Nightwing, Grayson’s weapon of option is his escrima sticks, which have become an legendary component of the character’s arsenal. In Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, and Adriano Lucas’ Nightwing run, they’ve turned the sticks into a gadget that would make Batman happy.

In the comics, Nightwing’s escrima sticks have pretty much often been an offensive weapon, as the hero has turned the sticks, used primarily in martial arts, into his preferred software in combating criminal offense. Dick’s escrima sticks get the job done each as a throwable and bludgeoning weapon as most variations also have tasers at the conclude able of electrocuting opponents. In Taylor and Redondo’s Nightwing operate, they’ve turned the escrima sticks into an all-new gadget with lots of employs, eventually generating Dick a far more helpful hero.

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Late previous thirty day period, Redondo showed a sketch of Nightwing’s new escrima sticks and what they have been able of. In his idea layout, Nightwing’s sticks are held on his again by a magnetic clamp. Significantly like Batman’s grappling gun, Dick’s escrima sticks have their have grappling operate, as a wire can shoot out of the inside of of equally sticks and be utilised as a trapeze – which is a fun nod to Grayson’s origin as a traveling trapeze artist.

Dick’s new devices have demonstrated to be remarkably efficient in the present-day run of Nightwing. He is made use of the trapeze operate to assistance get innocent people out of unsafe situations. The enhanced mobility will allow him to protect much more ground and get persons to security much a lot quicker. The escrima sticks also can be turned into a workers, as Redondo and Lucas’ attractive art displays how Nightwing can twist it aside into a new offensive weapon – in this circumstance, applied to staff up with Tim Drake.

Nightwing Stick

The sticks have come to be Nightwing’s ideal software in defending Bloodhaven, as he can swing all-around with ease many thanks to the new grappling unit. The escrima sticks, whether they’re made use of to shock individuals, bounce all over like a boomerang, reworked into a personnel, or utilised as a grappling gun, have seriously become one particular of DC’s ideal gizmos. Thinking about Nightwing has inherited much more dollars than he could even consider from Alfred, it can be very likely extra updates will come (hello there, boxing glove escrima stick?) – especially considering Taylor, Redondo, and Lucas are getting so considerably enjoyment in modifying what the sticks can be for Nightwing. You can catch Nightwing and his upgraded escrima sticks in motion when the upcoming chapter arrives in comic book outlets on August 17th.

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