September 26, 2022

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Four benefits of escape rooms for team building

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Four benefits of escape rooms for team building

Employee and team management are important to Human Resources. People were caught by surprise during the COVID-19 pandemic and began to work from home without realising it was the new norm.

As with any change in the workplace, this unprecedented change came with both benefits and disadvantages. Team building activities became even more important in the digital world due to the increased communication challenges.

The growing demand for team building activities makes escape rooms a good method for improving communication and collaboration in the workplace. Listed below are some of the benefits of escape rooms for team building.

Are there any benefits to the workplace from Escape Rooms?

1. Enhances teamwork skills

A workplace simulator would probably be closest to an escape room. The first step is to be assigned to a team; the second step is to have an assigned goal; the third step is to have a deadline; and the last step is to work together. This is the most difficult part, the point where teams begin to break up and fall apart. As the team must solve complicated riddles and puzzles to solve an escape room, for instance preparing an online game for team-building, there is no room for individual effort.

2. Boosts communication skills

Good communication between team members is the foundation of a successful team. Team building is a benefit of escape rooms because they force members to communicate under time constraints.

As escape rooms provide fun activities, employees will become closer and appreciate each other more when they have a successful escape. It can be an excellent foundation for improving team communication and employee relations.

3. Develops the ability to manage time

The same principle applies to an escape room as it does to ongoing work at work. Time management skills vary greatly among team members. Some people do well under pressure, while others struggle.

As a whole, a team has a variety of personalities and characters that must fit together and work harmoniously. The time to escape an escape room is ticking away quickly, so everyone must make the most of their time and make split-second decisions.

4. Promotes competency sharing awareness

Managers should and do consider each employee’s unique skill sets when assigning teams. We all have specific strengths that make us stand out from the rest.

When a team knows every member’s strengths, it is able to function at its best. It is possible that those qualities are not readily apparent at work, but they may shine in a stressful and fun environment.


To create bonded teams that are able to work together effectively even when remote, HR departments should explore escape room activities. In addition to being fun, they are also great for team building and boosting the team spirit.

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