September 26, 2022

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DigiCert Smart Seal Benefits for eCommerce Websites

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DigiCert Smart Seal Benefits for eCommerce Websites

If you were in the mediaeval ages, you would want to purchase diamonds. You don’t know if the sellers before you are selling authentic items. Now, in the midst of this disaster, you hear a certain, assertive voice calling out, “My diamond store is verified by the king!””. The verified shop’s products are in your hands within a blink of an eye.

The DigiCert Smart Seal works exactly as described above.

Your e-commerce store is verified by the most trusted certifier in the world, DigiCert. DigiCert converts your website into a high sales conversion machine.

According to a study by Crazy Egg, displaying site seals increased conversion rates and ROI for 48% of websites.

A business’s foundation is trust. Transparency and trust promote more customer loyalty.

E-commerce stores benefit from DigiCert Smart Seal and its remarkable features. What are the benefits?

Take a look at this short info video before reading about the Smart Seal’s ridiculous benefits.

Now that you have realised the potential of e-commerce, are you ready to expand it?

Let’s start.

eCommerce websites benefit from DigiCert Smart Seal.

Verify your logo to build trust.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to show your verified logo, does it? It is of utmost importance, however, to display the verified logo when top brands like Rayban are subjected to fraudulent and mimicking websites. Despite stumbling upon brand logos and websites daily, customers shop on fake sites and get scammed. It becomes important to display your verified logo in such a situation. Fraudsters cannot spoof DigiCert smart seals.

Make your customers think twice about buying from a fake website.

DigiCert Smart Seals promote transparency between buyers and sellers, which is crucial for your customers. By boldly displaying your store’s verified logo, you give your customers a chance to avoid scams like these. At the end of the day, you protect your brand from being victimised by online frauds. In addition, this is the first time any site seal offers this feature. It’s true. DigiCert Smart Seal displays a brand’s verified logo on hover as users hover over the seal.

Next, let’s look at our biggest benefit.

Animations that capture the viewer’s attention.

Remember the shopkeeper calling out “I am verified by the king”? Well, the online version of attracti

The DigiCert Smart Seal’s animation is appealing to customers.

Trust badges are highly sought after before customers invest in a brand. An extensive DigiCert study reveals that 71% of consumers seek out security seals on a website before making a purchase.

Earlier, people could not locate site seals on an e-commerce website since they were not appealing enough. But even if they did, they would never click them to learn more about the seller. In other words, even if a website took all the steps to get verified, it would not mean anything. All the security information is buried within the static site seal, which anyone can spoof, so customers would not trust their legitimacy.

The site seals on some websites can’t be trusted. Fraudulent websites copy and paste them to look like the real ones because of their isolated presence. DigiCert’s Smart Seal engages customers with its attention-grabbing animation using HTML 5.0 technology. Then the brand tells them about the security measures they have taken to ensure a worry-free shopping experience.

Take a look at it. The verification cost money. What are you going to do with this information? Customers need to know they have security that others do not.

You can attract thousands of customers to your website once you have won their trust.

A splash page that displays a brand’s transparency

Understand how the site seal works. The purpose of this is to ensure that the visitors are using a legitimate site. A clickable seal ensures that.

You are presented with a splash page when you click on a site seal. All the parameters the website has been verified off can be seen on the splash page. The splash page functions as a security mark.

Upon opening a splash page, you will see it. It allows you to show your customers how transparent you are. How cool is that? Moreover, your global customers can choose their preferred language for using the Smart seal. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.