January 30, 2023

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Blackout Logger Keeps Track Of Power Outages

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A two picture montage of the blackout logger, the left picture being the front e-ink display of the data logger in a black case and the second picture of the back of the data logger, with the raspberry pi pico show attached to an e-ink display, both sitting on a wooden table.

[Dmytro Panin] life in Kyiv, Ukraine where there have been rolling blackouts to stabilize the power grid. To assist maintain monitor of when the blackouts may materialize, be they planned or crisis, and to get additional details on how extended the blackouts previous, [Dmytro] has created a blackout logger.

The make consists of a Raspberry Pi Pico that connects to a DS3231 serious time clock (RTC) with a Waveshare 3.7 inch eInk display screen which [Dmytro] places into a personalized 3D printed situation. The RTC has it’s own smaller electricity offer, typically periods from a coin mobile battery hooked up to the module, letting it to continue to keep time when the module and other products attached to it are powered off.

The Raspberry Pi Pico is programmed to “poll” every single 30 seconds, composing the recent time to a file. Should the device reduce electric power, the final time, within a 30 next window, is readily available when ability is restored and the unit wakes up once again. Since the RTC has kept the present time, there is more than enough info to display the period of the blackout. The eInk display makes certain that the facts is quickly out there, even when there is no power.

War is not the only purpose blackouts can manifest and we have coated some difficulties with blackouts in Texas and California in the US.

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