November 28, 2022

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An UPC is an international identifier for products.

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UPC Codes: What They Are and How They Work

UPCs are universal product codes.

This type of code, also known as a UPC, is printed on retailers’ product packaging to identify specific items. A barcode consists of two parts – a series of unique black bars and a 12-digit number beneath.

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UPCs help identify details about products, such as brand, size, and colour, when they are scanned at the checkout counter. Originally, they were designed to make grocery store checkouts faster. UPCs can also be used to track inventory within a store or warehouse.

First, a company must apply to join the system in order to receive a UPC. Global Standards Organisation US, formerly known as Uniform Code Council, assigns UPC numbers in the United States.

UPC parts

As a member, a company receives its own 6-digit manufacturer identification number, which is applied to all of its products as the first six digits of the UPC. It identifies the company.

An item number is the next five digits of the UPC. This is the actual product number. An item number is assigned to each company by a person who ensures that the same item number isn’t used more than once and that discontinued item numbers are phased out.

The size, flavour, and colour of many consumer products vary. Different varieties require different item numbers. Thus, 24 one-inch nails are numbered differently than 24 two-inch nails, or 50 one-inch nails.

‘Check digits’ are the last two digits in the 12-digit UPC. To verify that the UPC is valid, the checkout scanner adds and multiplies several digits in the code. Incorrect check digit codes prevent the UPC from scanning.

UPCs are advantageous

Businesses and consumers can benefit from UPCs. UPCs improve speed because they allow barcode scanners to identify a product and its price instantly.

In addition to improving efficiency and productivity, they also eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Additionally, they allow for much better tracking of inventory than hand counting, so retailers and warehouses know when more product is needed. UPCs allow products to be tracked from production to distribution to retail stores, and even into consumers’ homes, when there is an issue with a product and consumers need to be notified or a recall issued.

UPC codes are what?

There are UPCs (Universal Product Codes) on nearly every product you see in every store and online.  To prevent future issues, make sure you purchase UPC codes from a reputable seller online when your business is buying them.  In order to manage product inventory, UPCs are converted to barcodes that can be scanned easily.

Where can I find a barcode?

Barcodes are those little black lines above the product’s 12 digit number.  The black lines make it easy for scanners to identify the product and for vendors to easily track stock levels at the point of sale.  SnapUPC will provide you with a 12 digit UPC code as well as a barcode for each order.  Using these will allow you to instantly set up your product information with your UPC at any retailer in the world.

GTIN 12: What is it?

The GS1 calls a GTIN a 12 digit Universal Product Code (UPC).  There is no difference between a UPC and a GTIN, they are simply different ways of describing the unique identification number of products.

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