June 26, 2022

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A variation of Breakout, Brickies is a fun waste of time

3 min read

It has been 45 a long time this 12 months due to the fact Atari launched an legendary video game: Breakout. Just 4 several years just before, Pong experienced occur to the video clip screens. Breakout was like a a single-individual Pong recreation. A paddle appeared at the base of the display screen. At the best were rows of bricks.

A ball was strike with the paddle, which would then strike a brick in the wall. The brick would crumble and vanish, and the ball would pounce back to the bottom of the display screen. There, it both would be returned once more to the wall, or skipped – at which position the player would reduce a lifetime.

The video game would not desire present day younger people for extra than a several minutes. But for virtually 50 decades back, Pong and Breakout had been brilliant recreation layouts.

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